Top 7 Reasons to use The Marshall Group

  1. WFRMLS has a 54% closing ratio – at The Marshall, we have a 95% closing ratio.
  2. We sell a home every 30 hours, while most agents sell 3-4 homes a year (365X24/290)
  3. When you work with us, you have a whole team working for you, providing excellent service. Most agents try to do everything, which is too much for one person to do, and the communication can get lost. We have a team to take care of you and your needs. There is always someone available to you, that knows about your property.
  4. We are the Top Office in the state of Utah and made the Top 200 Transaction Team in the country with no other Utah team before us.
  5. We have over 50 years of experience on our team!
  6. We work with a Top Staging Company to make your home look its best while it is on the market.
  7. We stand alone when it come to the time and effort put in to advertising your home. We have a bundled marketing package that markets your home on mass websites, including top rated search engines!