“We want to thank you for the excellent service you provided for us. We are so happy that we finally sold our home!!!!!!!!!To deal with a short sale is a very intense long process which requires somebody with a lot of patience and knowledge about the short sale procedures.

You proved that you have the experience to deal with these mortgage companies and we could not have done this without your help.

Thanks again!!!”

Tino and Ingrid.

“There can be nothing more painful than the feeling of helplessness and despair that one can experience wondering for the future of your family at the hands of detached, out-of-state, and mismanaged lenders.  Mike Loertscher, of Keller Williams and his partners restored consistency and hope to our lives.  The short sale process is very similar in complexity to open heart surgery, and doing either yourself is equally foolish. Working with Mr. Loertscher and the Marshall Team, armed us with the experience and expertise we needed to act responsibly and intelligently, and kept us in the process, without having to deal directly with the confusion and misdirection of the differing bank departments and escalation points involved in the short sale process.  The cost was negligible, compared to the peace of mind, and freedom to move forward which was restored to our lives.”Philip E.

“Mike Loertscher of The Marshall Real Estate Team remained upbeat…knew how to negotiate…keeping us from becoming discouraged. He became our DAVID in our battle against a GOLIATH corporation (the bank)…We would recommend Mike to anyone needing representation in a Short Sale. He was incredible and provided both professional and personal advice – Thank you Mike!”Gene R.