Pets and Their Effect on Your Home

There’s a simple reason landlords are loathe to allow pets on their property: pets cause damage regardless of how well they’re trained or the status of their pedigree. Whether you have a lizard, a snake, or a furry, four-legged friend, it pays to be aware of these repercussions before you decide to put your house on the market.

Bedding and Litter

Any sort of pet waste left inside tends to leave a noticeable mark, regardless of your countermeasures; even odorless litter leaves a residual smell over time. To compound this effect, litter—and all the waste that accompanies it—works its way into the smallest of places, such as grooves in your hardwood floor or the space between trim and the wall.

The sawdust, sand, or other detritus used for reptile bedding works in the same way as cat litter, so make sure you regularly clean and maintain these mediums of disposal—besides the obvious health risks associated with litter and bedding, the smell is incredibly difficult to remove.


Claws on hardwood, teeth on the siding—sooner or later, one of your pets is going to shred something. Before you even consider putting your house up for sale, it’s well worth the initial cost of repairing any damage they’ve caused.

Though physical damage is unsightly, problems caused by accidents or poor training can be even more destructive. Urine and feces, if unchecked, can cause expensive odor damage to insulation. You can prevent this by keeping pets out of sensitive areas of the house, but it’s a possibility you should be aware of.


The fact remains that an awful lot of people are allergic to pets. Hair, dander, and other allergens will end up in impossible-to-reach places, despite your best efforts; therefore, if you choose to have a pet, you need to be aware that you will be catering to a specific (though expansive) demographic when you sell your house.

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