News Updates:

Vantage Production‘s Mortgage Market Guide Weekly reports that in the week preceded by the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, the activities related to the economic calendar were relatively light. However, the following opportunities still presented themselves despite the seeming quietness that momentarily prevailed. As quoted from the review: “home loan rates reached some of their lowest levels in months” “Existing Home Sales rose by 1 percent from November to December to an annual rate of 4.87 million units” – National Association of Realtors This 1% increase “was the first monthly gain in three months” Compared to 2012, the year 2013 contributed a 9.1% increase in existing home sales. “The housing market continues to rebound, though at a modest pace.” Meanwhile, The Salt Lake Tribune recently published a positive update related to environmental awareness, particularly on a home that “produces only $10 monthly utility bill.” The news clip on Herriman energy-efficient home wins design award reports that the home (designed by KTGY Group, Inc., Architecture + Planning) got a platinum from the 2014 Professional Builder Design Awards competition that was held in California. What’s noteworthy about this achievement is that it’s the “first attainable or affordable house in Utah that achieves a U.S. Department of Energy HERS (House Energy Rating System) rating of O.” Located at 5047 W. Ambermont Drive, the home features a generous three stories and five bedrooms. It won its rating fairly through a strategic design led by the winning team. The make or break features are: “double-paned windows, special frames and seals for windows and doors, four types of insulation and solar panels to produce electricity.”... read more

Planning to Move? Pack In these Essentials for your Transition

The housing market in Salt Lake City real estate continues to gain recognition because of its nonstop boom. The past two years have reflected an upward trend that further validates why the city is ideal to live in. Visually speaking, the snow-capped mountains surrounding the area alone is enough of a stunner. However, the ultimate decision to move into a new city and state is based on several factors that are brought out by research and yes, even gut feel. So what do you consider when you are planning to move to a new area? If you are doing this move out of choice, it would be rational to visit the city or state first. Know what it’s like to experience the place firsthand and not only base it on hearsay or impressions from other people alone. It’s an advantage if you know someone from there so you can take a tour of the areas that you are considering for your new residence. Meanwhile, you can also look for housing or career opportunities online before you begin your travel. This way, you have a direction for your search. You can gather news bits, latest updates and even fun trivia about living in the area and how you can settle in to embrace its culture. Again, preparedness is a key to giving you and your family that peace of mind. Even if the big getaway is quite enchanting and magical, be practical enough to know the actual costs of living. It’s essential to live within your means, therefore you have to be honest about your financial capacity and what kind... read more

What Should I Ask to a Real Estate Agent Utah?

Integrity in real estate is a primary goal by dedicated professionals who’d like to see the industry grow and flourish. However, there are tales that are sometimes far from being truthful. Finding an honest to goodness real estate agent Utah who upholds the true sense of work ethics may be half the battle, but the rewards can also be enjoyed for longer terms. If that’s the case, you need to do your homework and study hard about this financial decision. It will not only affect the present but also your future. Take the time to talk to your candidates and get to know them better. Conversations and actual interactions can better help you get a gauge of how strong their presence and involvement is in the industry. You can even practice on these questions for starters: Are you working full time or part time? This question can be an indicator of how well versed the agent is about the market. Working for the industry full time means their focus is on the profession itself and not elsewhere. It’s a guarantee that everything he/she does is for the benefit of the client and does not compromise the quality of the service. Have you had any past problems with clients? How was it resolved? It’s important to recognize the resolutions that arise from problems. However, do take note that it’s not all the time that they are as open about the issues. Just in case you are told of specific instances when there was indeed some conflict, make sure to ask the action plan that was implemented. How much do you... read more