Keeping Your Cleaning Priorities for Utah Homes in Check

Keeping Your Cleaning Priorities for Utah Homes in Check

Don’t you just wish that you have an instant checklist when you need to clean up Utah homes? While others think that lists are no longer necessary, it doesn’t mean that you should completely ditch this SOP in managing cleanliness around a property. If you have no list to speak of that you can whip up on any given day, you might want to consider looking at these categories and their items, then study them for future use.

For a general scope, you need to consider these areas of responsibilities:

  • Make sure the light fixtures are all clean and secure
  • Sweep and mop the floors thoroughly
  • Declutter the area by getting rid of items that you can do without
  • Remove any visible marks that are found on your walls and ceilings
  • Only hire experts who are qualified to handle professionally done services such as carpet cleaning and fumigation

Once you move to the kitchen..

  • Clean your cooking equipment such as the stove, oven, grill, etcetera by wiping thoroughly
  • Check the plumbing system by the sink to ensure that nothing gets in the way of a proper water flow
  • Wipe away dust and dirt from the inside and outside of cabinets, cupboards, countertops and any other surface

The bathroom is considered a main highlight when it comes to checking out homes because it reflects the people living in the property. Hence, you should be guided.

  • Work on making the tiles clean by using the needed solution to bring back its glorious color and shine
  • Wipe away any residue that has been left by soap solutions and detergents
  •  Clean the toilet bowl and the sinks to ensure that they are squeaky clean

As for the bedrooms, the extent of the work depends on the size of the room. Basically though, these are the few things that should be on your list:

  • Remove the covers as they may have already gathered dust and dirt from frequent use
  • Fold mattresses properly and keep the bed wrinkle free
  • Keep your things in check – the clothes neatly placed inside the cabinets and closets, and the rest of your stuff placed on areas where they fit best

When prepping Utah homes for viewing, remember that cleanliness is always a priority. Home staging can also be a great way to highlight the good and amplify the appeal of the property. No matter how oldie or traditional, a checklist will always keep your priorities in check.