How to Sell Your Home at Top Dollar

When the time comes to sell your home, the last thing you want to be is unsure. From determining the initial asking price to deciding what—if anything—ought to be updated, the process can be daunting. How can you be confident that you’re doing all you can to get the best price?

By taking a few precautions and making some small investments, you can simultaneously reduce your stress and increase your chances of getting more for your home.

Choose the Best Agent

The best agent is not always the one with the most advertising. The best agent is one who is willing to work with you to make sure you get what you want out of selling your home. Even if it means shopping around, finding an agent or company that is willing to work with you will make a significant difference.

When meeting with various agents, make sure you are clear in communicating your desires and expectations. Ask the agents to give their honest evaluations of those expectations, and be willing to brainstorm.

Consider Hiring a Staging Company

When selling a home, particularly one you’ve lived in for a long period of time, it can be difficult to view the décor as an outsider. Remember that potential buyers may not have the same style preferences, and they almost definitely will not share in your love for family heirlooms.

By inviting a staging company to enter your home, you’re allowing an objective third party to help make it appealing to individuals who are ready to make serious offers.

This may call for sacrifice on your part for a short time. Perhaps it will mean packing up some of your belongings early or rearranging furniture for your final days in the home. Just remember—the more people your home attracts, the more real offers you’ll receive.

Make Minor Upgrades

If there are items around the home that appear particularly dated, consider replacing them with more modern, neutral models. Once again, be aware that not everyone will share your tastes. Make sure that whatever you update is not too flashy or customized.

This would be a great time to ask either your real estate agent or home staging professional for his or her input. Convey your desire to make wise investments and ultimately get the best offer on your home.

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